Custom Made Tailor Suits

Custom made is exactly that. Custom made for you. Your shape, your style. Each suit or custom made piece is designed with you in mind. Every body type is different. Every person has individual needs. Unlike off the rack, a custom made suit is designed and created for the individuals body shape. Fred Badr will use his expertise to design a piece specifically for you.


Closets are full of clothes people purchase that no longer fit or may not have fit in the first place. With some alterations, these clothes can be altered to your body shape. Whether it's hemming a pair of pants or shortening sleeves, your store bought clothes will fit better. Fred Badr will be able to turn a store bought outfit into a customized look. He also specializes in Euro Jean Hem.




Many people do not know what type of suit or piece would look best on them. Through a consultation, Fred Badr will take the time to discuss your needs and desired design. As a designer, he will be able to design a suit or piece for you based on your body shape and create the look that compliments your fashion and sense of style. For some, it maybe a picture in a magazine of a high end designers three piece suit or a blazer and skirt on your favourite celebrity. Fred Badr will be able to affordably reproduce the look and make it specifically for your body type. The looks of high end fashion and style can be recreated for you with the highest quality and amazing workmanship.


Custom made suits starting at $1200
Free estimates on alterations when you bring the clothes into our shop.