Fred Badr is a Master tailor and designer with over 50 years of expertise in tailoring. An award winner of quality custom made suits, it is Fred Badr's attention to detail that helps him create custom-made pieces for both men and women.

He uses the finest specialty fabrics from Italy and England. High quality fashion is designed and achieved from a custom-made suit by Fred Badr Custom Tailor.

At an early age, Fred Badr began his career in custom tailoring. He became a Master tailor and has won numerous awards for his craftsmanship. Over the years, he has taught tailoring at the local college providing future designers with the important tools of the trade. 

Fred has used his skills to teach apprentices and helped guide them in their careers in design and fashion. 

Fred Badr has been a staple in the core of downtown London for many years and has a reputation for the immense quality in his designs and work.

A Fred Badr custom tailored made suit reflects the individual's fit and style. It is shown in every detail of the workmanship. His passion for his trade is what gives him the ability to design and create custom tailored pieces. Fred Badr's skills in tailoring are apparent in all his work, from alterations to a full custom made piece. Style for the individual.